October 21, 2020 -

25 Ways to Show Up and Lead Now

To all the leaders, managers, and supervisors out there:

I see you.  Showing up every day. Trying your very best.

Smoke. Fires. Global pandemic. Daily changes at work. Tired employees. Burn out. Hard conversations. Fear. Anxiety. Isolation.

Now is a tough time to be a people leader.  You are trying to put your own oxygen mask on first, but it is hard. Really hard. I am in awe today at seeing all of you doing it. It gives me hope and courage and all the feels.

  • I saw a front-line supervisor at a busy Emergency Room yesterday gently ask a new employee/trainee a question instead of just jumping in to fix the problem. Learning in action.

  • I listened to a mid-level manager reflect on his own boundaries and how to step into his own courage in a coaching call. Humility in action.

  • A Vice President of a tech company said something that caused offense around race and apologized without getting triggered. Courage in action.

  • A School Board Member showed her tender heart when talking about serving kids at a public meeting. Emotional intelligence in action.

  • A CEO client changed his whole strategic meeting agenda to check-in with his stressed and overwhelmed staff. Listening in action.

  • A beloved colleague navigated media and press trolls launching personal attacks and kept his heart open. Grit in action.

Our world, our workplaces, our planet, and our homes are under serious stress right now. For me, this week was chock full of personal family challenges, grief for fire losses, stress about end of year revenue, and the usual tasks that occupy my days. I feel torn: gratitude and joy in moments even as grief and fear solidly rage alongside within me. Even amidst it all, this is what I know for sure.  And on some days, it is all I know for sure:

We rise together. 

It is enough to show up and do the very next thing. Leaders in every sector have the awesome obligation and responsibility to show up not just for themselves and in their roles.  They must and they are showing up for their people.  It can be so overwhelming to know how to lead in integrity right now.  

I assembled my top 25 Ways to Show Up and Lead Now just for you today: the managers and leaders.  It matters less what you do than what you be. 

Be open. Be honest. Be real. Be you. Be tough. Be tender. You are enough. 

And you showing up means oh so much to your people.


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