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Fit Matters - How to love your job

We spend more time at work than anywhere else.

Yet most people report feeling disengaged, disconnected, and dispirited at work.

Feeling lousy at work affects everything we do.

A great work fit brings us joy, connection, and meaning.

You can thrive at work.

When you do, you’ll feel more joy and fulfillment. You’ll get results for your organization and, ultimately, make the world better.

Poor fit with a job can be devastating for employee and employer alike—leading to lack of engagement, lousy performance, and even job loss. Carrick and Dunaway offer solutions for finding alignment and even joy in the workplace.

— Dan Pink, NYT Bestselling author of Drive, To Sell is Human, and When.

Bravespace Workplace

This is for the people leaders out there – you are central to Bravespace workplaces.

People feel their organization through you.

Their entire experience is shaped by their relationship with you.

More than anything else, people need you to show up authentically with both your gifts and your flaws.

You are enough.

You can do better.

[Moe] unflinchingly tackles the false dichotomy that a company must choose between profit and people. She shows us how to transform our workplace into a culture that brings out the best in our people. I am grateful… to use Carrick’s refreshing and practical BRAVESPACE model with my team.”

— Glennon Doyle, author of the #1 New York Times bestseller LOVE WARRIOR and founder of Together Rising



The 7 Key Elements of Work Fit

(it’s not about fitting in!)

7 needs work should fulfill

Needs work should fulfill


TO MEET BASIC NEEDS – to make enough money or non-cash compensation to provide food, clothing shelter and safety

TO CONTRIBUTE – to do something that matters to someone

TO BE SEEN – and known


TO CONNECT – in real ways, with other people


TO LEARN – and become better


TO FEEL SUPPORTED – to be able to be brave knowing that


TO MAKE OUR LIVES WORK – to be able to do things that matter to us and are ours to do


Get a selection of my favorite resources and tips for finding work that helps you thrive. Everyone deserves to thrive at work. Even. you. Especially you.

I have created an incredible resource page with awesome free tools for you so you’ll love going to work again! You will wanna pause and relish this when it arrives. I promise to stir you up.

The love your job course

From Bravespace Workplace

From fits matters

The Brave Deck


The Brave Deck is a new tool for building strong connections.

It’s simple but not easy.

Draw a card, read what you find on it, and wait for the awkward stares.

Then, together, take a deep breath and answer the tough questions.

The Brave Deck invites you to practice courage and vulnerability by rediscovering the magic of a loving, vulnerable connection with anyone.

It’s something you can do with your colleagues, friends, or families that will be memorable. It’ll unlock the magic that keeps you together.

We know you’ll be grateful for it in the end.

The Brave Deck