As a former Wilderness Guide, one of the best skills you can have is knowing when to turn around. It’s that emotional intelligence that keeps you out of impending danger.

The same goes for leaders.

As a Coach & Consultant with 30+ years of experience and an unwavering thrill-seeker, I know that leadership is a skill—one that can be refined through practice, analysis, intelligence & adventure.

And there’s no better way to deepen your skills than with a Coach, especially one who thrives under pressure—indoors and out.

together we will

Together we will:

– Discover, clarify and align on your goals;

– Engage in deep self-discovery;

– Generate and execute solutions and strategies that will work for you;

– Facilitate your responsible and accountable actions;

– Tackle the toughest & most extreme terrain imaginable… kidding! Unless, you’re game for that.

*All coaching experiences will be held virtually until further notice.*
I have been the direct beneficiary of Moe’s experience and coaching as we architected the culture at our company and navigated some very challenging business conditions. I have followed her work closely since then and continue to benefit from not only her new thoughts on leadership, but her clear, direct and very open-hearted style.
- Erick Petersen, Renewable Energy Executive

Saddleback Consulting
I have worked closely with Moe in several capacities, and have directly experienced her unique abilities to challenge old narratives and open up minds and hearts to new and more powerful ways of being and working. She was the coach of a small executive team I was part of in a struggling startup, and our meteoric rise and success was due in no small part to her contributions to our individual and team growth stories. She has been a trusted personal advisor and motivator for me since then, and I have mad respect for her intellectual depth, abilities to guide internal and external conflicts, and to bring higher power to her audiences. She is a powerhouse of new thinking!
- Steve Hummel, Principal, Saddleback Consulting