At Moementum, we make organizations fit for human life. It’s our mission; it’s what we’re best at. And we want to help as many people as we can.

We’ve recently launched The Leading People Program™ to better fulfill our mission.

We feel it’s the best way for us to help. You can find out more about it here.

Sometimes, it makes sense for us to work directly in more customized coaching or consulting roles.

Coaching work is typically 1:1, but can be done Team style.

Consulting work is typically a long-term partnership for making big cultural or structural changes in your organization.

We can also bring one of our programs to your people exclusively for in-house custom delivery.

If a custom solution sounds like the best fit for you, please fill out the support you want below and reach out by clicking the button. Let’s talk.

We offer a small number of selective custom engagements each year. To read more about our work and style, please read on.

Custom Consulting

I decided a long time ago that my firm was more useful as an outside partner to leaders who care than I ever was working on the inside. I want to help brave people do the hard things that make organizations great and benefit their people, their organizations, their partners, the environment, and the community.

I take a few custom clients every year where we get to work alongside you and your leadership team as trusted advisors. This work is not one and done. It takes investment from you and from us, which is why we limit our number of engagements.

That being said, the work we do as consultants is highly rewarding.

I’m a specialist with the following:

  1. Teaching leaders at every level how to create engaged, thrilled-to-be-there teams.
  2. Disassembling barriers to diversity, equity, and inclusion that keep your firm from being one where everyone belongs.
  3. Mediating teams and partnerships that you’re about to give up on.
  4. Getting the family baggage out of the family business.
  5. Designing an organizational structure that works, using a tried and true scientific process.
  6. Flexing the muscles of courage in your workplace using the groundbreaking work of Dr. Brené Brown through Dare to Lead™

Reach out to get started with your custom solution.

Listen to what client Megan Haase, CEO of Mosaic Medical has to say about our consulting services.


Expert mountaineers know that the summit is only the halfway point.

If you reach the summit exhausted and empty, there’s nowhere else to go.

Congratulations, you’re stuck on the top of a mountain.

No one wants to die, frozen on a mountain top.

Knowing when to turn around requires experience. When the stakes are high, it can be difficult to learn.

That’s why mountaineers hire guides. They need someone who’s been there before and can help them think when the air is thin.

The same goes for leadership.

It’s high-stakes and high-consequence.

You need to know when it’s time to hire a guide.

Each year I select a small number of leaders to work with me. Together we’re in it for the long haul.

If you aren’t familiar with my work, I encourage you to review the list of my favorite focus areas below. If you think we’d be a good match, please apply. Together we’ll see if it feels right. 1:1 or team coaching is more expensive than my group programs.

Here are the problems and questions that feel the most aligned with our 1:1 or Team Coaching right now:

  • I love working with technical or applied experts who have entered a leadership role. Typically these individuals struggle to transition from their old work of doing things to their new role of leading people. If this is you, know that leadership and its skills are like those weird muscles you didn’t know you had until the last time you did yoga. They’re always there, even if they may have atrophied a bit. I will be your guide in learning to see yourself as a leader. Let’s find your gold.
  • Conflict at the top level of an organization is super tricky. You can’t simply fire these people because their unique skills and traits make them indispensable. Yet something isn’t working, and it hurts. Even worse, the ripples are spreading through the proverbial pond: the problems at the top are spreading wounds down. Learning to have hard conversations by embracing vulnerability is never easy, yet it is often the path to conflict resolution. I love the challenge of working through and navigating conflict. Whether the result of personality differences, ideological differences, or misunderstandings about differences in identity, I am confident in moderating and facilitating productive dialogue. If you need this kind of help, be ready to make long-term changes. Sometimes these wounds have cut deep. They won’t go away overnight but require commitment and perseverance.
  • Sometimes you know what the issue is: it’s that person. You can’t or aren’t willing to let them go, but you need help crafting a plan to work with them to increase ease and joy for all.
  • Your team is your greatest asset. But what do you do if your team is not functioning well? You build team strength, cohesion, and resilience. It’ll take time and concerted effort. It’s one of my specialties, and I’d love to show you my secrets.
  • Leading can be overwhelming. Many leaders report high stress and chronic overworking. I am very engaged in helping leaders find balance in their roles so that their career and their life coexist in harmony.

Our coaching process begins with diagnosis. Together we’ll design and tailor the work to make it as high leverage as possible. We only take on a few custom Coaching engagements every year, so apply as soon as you think you are ready.

If the fit is right and we have a spot open, we’ll start right away.

Listen to what Sarah Brace has to say about Coaching with Moe for her business.