A 4-part conversation series designed for people at work interested in creating real inclusion and equity in their spaces. In order to actually sustain disruption of systems that unfairly advantage some over others, we have a great deal of work to do.

Be brave humans.
Our focus during this series was on what we need to learn, to feel, to know, and to do in order to be a contributor to long-term, sustainable anti-racism in the places we work, live and play.
This was a FREE 4-week series culminating in a 30-day challenge. Each session was 45 minutes.
Session 1: Learn (ft. Susan Hyatt)
Streamed Live on June 24, 2020

Let's unpack and understand our privilege, what it means in the world today, and what it looks like to use it with grace. We will examine the paradox of It's Not My Fault/I Am Responsible as a rallying cry for avoiding shame triggers and comparison. Susan and I will talk together and with you as white women with the explicit intention of exploring our privilege, our bias, our internalized racism, and the ways that our insider status as white women sets the rules and norms for our organizations, our communities and our homes.

Susan Hyatt is an entrepreneur, master life and business coach, and author who likes to say, "Don't give me any of that white women sh*t!"

Session 2 Feel (Guest: Twanya Hood Hill)
June 30, 2020 12:15 pm PST

As you see, you feel. Many complex and powerful emotions are erupting amidst the turmoil in society today, and it is easy to get overwhelmed with feelings to the point where we become overly fragile, white center the conversation, or simply shut down. Twanya and I will  talk about alternatives to fast tracking being "woke" and to the real work of integration and empathy. Let's be more authentic, transparent and direct as we talk about race at work.

Twanya Hood Hill is the VP of People and Culture at Tech Soft 3D and formerly led teams at Facebook, Ameriprise, and more. She likes to say, "Let's do this!"

Session 3 Know (Guest: Cherie Buckner-Webb)  July 9 at 9am!

There are 400 years of history that shape and inform the modern world of race. We can't possibly unpack all of this together, but let's acknowledge and explore how the history we were taught was incomplete, and share ways to learn a fuller, more robust picture of how the systems around us benefit some more than others and how we can change those systems forever.  Knowing what we need to know is both an individual and group responsibility  and it is a process rather than an event.

Cherie Buckner-Webb, Idaho State Senator,  Certified Professional Coach, nationally recognized business consultant,  and 5th generation Idahoan, loves to say  "leave  a legacy," and she sure has.

Session 4 Do (Guests Jim Morris and Noah Prince)
July 15, 2020 4:00 PM PST

This is not a short-term problem or solution. Let's map out an action plan for sustainable change.  White men and women in organizations today play a key role in what changes, when it changes, and how it changes. We will work as integrity partners on ways to hold one another responsible and do the anti-racism work that must be done together, for the long-haul. Let's set a 30-day challenge for actions to take at work.

Jim Morris is VP of Client Experience for White Men as Full Diversity Partners and he loves to say, "Is that a case of white male answer syndrome?"

Noah Prince brings 15 years of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion work to his current senior roles with WMFDP and Potential Unleashed. He loves to ask questions!

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