IT’s about damn time we did it our way

Join me for an exclusive, in-person leadership retreat for women People Leaders

Hello Renegade Women,

Moe here. 

Moe Carrick in a power stance

…I see you out there, striving to lead the way you were born to and still bumping into outdated, patriarchal notions of what it looks like to be “good”.

I watch you being told to stay small, getting talked over, hustling for funding, and trying to be more like “them”. I feel with you as you juggle your work and your caretaking and all the things you do as your drive for what you know is possible.

Guess what? 

Our time has come. 

The world needs the feminine and you, dear badass, are primed and ready to show up exactly as you are. 

I want you to lead your team or organization in your unique way and delight in the results and how it feels.

In the year ahead I want you..

  • to eschew the myths you have inherited about what a good leader looks like and step into the way you were meant to show up
  • to make bank in ways that solve real problems for our world and help your communities thrive.
  • to build an unbreakable culture and a team who cares.
  • to stop hustling and start thriving.

Let’s knit together our own way to lead that nourishes the people who work for and with us, our customers, and the planet. It is time we stopped “leaning in” and assimilating to the rules handed down to us and began crafting a generative, wholehearted, and connected way to lead at the top that doesn’t require us to grovel for a seat, apologize, or diminish our light.

Let’s lead our way now.

What lies ahead in every sector from healthcare to education to business requires us to be sturdy and sure-footed.

We will learn, connect, debate, and build together in this 2-day, in-person event is for women leaders and entrepreneurs. Get on the waitlist to join me on January 26-27, 2023 with a community of like-minded people and an A-list of speakers and facilitators amidst a backdrop of joy, pleasure, and adventure.

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