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How many days have you wasted in boring presentations?

Your events should feel like a thrill ride, not a lobotomy.

I started my career teaching leadership to youth in addiction recovery. Our classrooms were the slopes of North America’s tallest peaks and thickest forests.

Hidden away in the woods, I learned to engage even the most unwilling participants.

One of the first lessons we taught was that where you put your attention could be the difference between life and death.

Ignored the weather? That’s bad news when the lightning strikes.

Among my students, I knew that their attention was my most valuable asset. We needed everyone’s eyes on the challenges in front of us.

So, too, in everyday life, people’s attention is your most valuable asset.

Want to inspire new energy and hope in your workforce?

Want to inject your team with new perspectives around inclusion and belonging?

Want to inspire leaders to activate their teams?

You need to capture and keep people’s attention.

And that recycled slide deck isn’t doing the trick.

Every one of my events is custom-built to engage your specific audience.

The first thing I do is listen to your needs. Then I create a presentation designed to meet your vision.

Some of the types of talks I’ve been most successful with are:


  • delivering unforgettable conference keynotes.
  • moderating transformational discussions and conflict resolution with groups or individuals.
  • facilitating life-changing workshops.

Recent topics i’ve covered


📣 It’s time to show up and lead!

It’s time to show up and lead. In the post-pandemic work context, leaders are under increasing pressure. The good news is that we aren’t starting over. The same leadership truths of old apply today.

This is an action-packed presentation targeted at leaders of any level. Attendees will walk away knowing what it takes to bring out the absolute best in their precious people now and in the post-pandemic future.

📣 Self-Care + Team Care = Healthy & Cohesive Teams

As a leader, it can be easy to fall into the trap of The They Monster.

If they could just get it right, I’d be okay. If they–my people–could somehow change, we’d hit that mark.

Run from The They Monster.

Turn that focus right around.

What’s within your power to change?

And how can you leverage that power to affect your goals?

This presentation takes a radically compassionate look at achieving better performance. Your teams need to have unbreakable bonds and high psychological safety to perform well, and your leaders need to empower creative solutions.

You have to learn the martial art of controlling what you can and ignoring what you can’t.

📣 Owning your career and thriving at work

Let’s face it. Work is… work. It isn’t easy, but does it need to be so da*n hard? Today, more than ever, employees have options and are discerning what really matters to them about the jobs they accept. They want their lives to work and employers are burdened with figuring out how to engage and enliven the people who work there.

Imagine if everyone, including you, went to work energized and engaged, waking up fresh and ready to go.

This workshop empowers audiences to rewrite their scripts about what work means.

Find out what’s important to you and your people. We spend more time working than we do just about anything else. Why not thrive there?

📣 Dare to Lead™️

I’ve been influenced greatly by Dr. Brené Brown’s research on vulnerability and her applications of that research to workplaces.

I’m a Certified Dare to Lead™️ Facilitator and can bring Dr. Brené Brown’s research to your organization in myriad ways.

Unlock Brené Brown’s influential work with custom-tailored workshops with Moe, a Certified Dare to Lead™️ Facilitator.

Further information is available at https://daretolead.brenebrown.com. You can contact me and my team for our custom solutions working with Dare to Lead™️.

🖊 visual recording

Why take notes, when you could have someone else do it for you? 

As part of any Speaking package, we can offer Visual Recording–a unique, memorable way for you to walk away with condensed insights from your event.

See an example below. 

Visual Recording
Moe Carrick