show up with moe

Where a boomer and a millennial ask the hard questions about work and life. 

Today’s workplaces are increasingly toxic. It can feel like every semblance of humanity has been squeezed out by outdated rules.

On Let’s Make work Human
we believe companies can meet their mission and make a profit WITHOUT
squeezing the life out of people. 

How do leaders who care create unbreakable workplace cultures brimming with belonging transparency, joy, flexibility, purpose, and results?


Walking the path of true People Leadership requires unbreakable connections and real partnerships that debunk and demolish old habits.

Listen in to hear award-winning entrepreneur, best-selling author, baby-boomer, and culture expert Moe Carrick speak with her colleague, award-winning creative, DEI facilitator, millennial, and friend Mei Ratz.

Together they take a radical approach to liberating working mothers, abolishing toxic work culture, retraining or evicting leaders who are bad for people, and so much more.

Join us for an irreverent and honest look at what it takes to make every workplace fit for the human beings who work there.

We are on a mission to restore humanity to work one magnificent people leader at a time. This show will warm your heart, challenge your thinking, and leave you laughing out loud.

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Ep. 2 – How do we help the people we work with when the world is on fire?

Special – Live Launch Podcast

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