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love your job
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Why you deserve to love your job

We need to talk about work, people.

How often have you felt exhausted from long hours and treacherous deadlines or…

  • … sick of feeling unheard or disrespected.
  • … tired of tedious company politics or difficult co-workers.
  • … frustrated by minimal opportunities for raises and promotions.
  • … burnt out, struggling to find the balance between your personal life and work.

Oof. I feel you.

And it’s true. Work can feel frustrating, cumbersome, and down right life-depleting. But it doesn’t have to. Imagine feeling…

  • enriched by contributing to a team or project, where your opinions are heard and valued.
  • inspired by your co-workers and superiors, like you truly belong.
  • fulfilled serving your clients and customers, who make you excited to get out of bed and head to work every day.

Work can feel this good all the time.

Maybe it doesn’t right now, and that’s okay. If work feels like a sentence, draining you instead of filling you up, know that you’re not alone and it can get better.

I’m Moe Carrick, author of Love Your Job, and I help people reconnect with their work to find fulfillment and happiness.

I created the Love Your Job program to help people like you step back, look at what you do, why you do it, and start fresh. Together we can make work work, the way it should be.

love your job
love your job
love your job

How Love Your Job works:

The thing about work is that we all–unless you happen to be among the few who have gigantic trusts and endowments–have to do it.

When did you get your first job? Age 14? 18?

One of the first things children learn is that they need money to buy other things. We know from a young age that without money, life gets a whole lot tougher.

The truth of our world is that we need money to buy our essential needs–a dry, safe home or food.

In this world, getting a job can feel like THE MOST IMPORTANT THING.

How much time have you spent jobless? A few weeks? A few months? A few years?

We often bounce from job to job without ever really examining what we love to do or what we are really, really good at.

I’ll let you in on a bit of a secret: work gives us money, but it also provides us with a lot more.

Work can offer us belonging, purpose, friendship, money, security; it can make communities resilient and strong; it can turn ecosystems into fertile, overflowing abundance.

And yet, nearly half of all workers in the United States report feeling unsatisfied.

This staggering number motivated me to write Fit Matters: How to Love Your Job back in 2017.

Over decades of coaching my clients to improve their workplaces or, in some cases, leave and start fresh, I have seen time and time again the impact of a job that makes sense. For most of my career, I’ve worked by instinct and on a case-by-case basis.

Each client would come to me with their own complaints, and I would craft a unique plan for them to soothe the pain they and their employees were feeling at work.

I wanted to do more research to pin down precisely what it was that worked for my clients. So I wrote Fit Matters: How to Love Your Job to distill my experience into a potent and easy-to-replicate formula.

And it worked. Readers across the world–from workers to fellow coaches and consultants–found the methodologies outlined in Fit Matters helped them to diagnose and plan their own career-changing transformations.

The thing about Job Fit is that it requires deep self-reflection. True transformation means taking the material seriously–taking notes, writing down the exercises, and engaging deeply with the prompts and techniques.

And let’s face it, that’s super tough to do without any external guidance or accountability.

This is why I turned Fit Matters into a comprehensive online course.

You can still walk yourself through the transformations one step at a time, but I’ll be right there with you for the whole process.

We even doubled down, creating a much more thorough companion workbook to make sure you get the most out of the process.

Are you ready?

You deserve to love your job. Let’s get started.

Not quite sure? We have something just for you.

Sure, I might be biased, but I love coaching and consulting. Either can provide super valuable growth for anybody at any level. C-suite? Level-up your leadership skills with a kick-ass coach. Undergraduate student looking for your first job? Hire a coach to help you navigate your priorities and find the best options for you. 

The only real issue with coaching is that it is very expensive. Hiring someone to work with you–and only you–for hours or weeks costs a lot. Good coaching can range from a few thousand to tens of thousands of dollars. 

Pricey, I know. 

But what any other good coach will tell you is that all of the breakthroughs and success that we find come from the student, or the person being coached. At the end of the day, it’s the people who hire us who have to do the difficult and rewarding work of learning how to be and do things differently. 

What people really hire coaches for is fresh questions, new perspectives, accountability, and just the right nudges in the just the right places. 

We designed the Love Your Job online curriculum to do all of this. But because you get less of my direct time, you get it for a fraction of the price. 

Another important aspect about coaching is its customizability. Each client has their own needs, so they get their own program and solution. I wanted to keep some of this because I recognized that everyone has their own needs. 

As such, there are three different ways you can enroll in Love Your Job

To start, you can buy The Whole Lot. This package guides your through every nook and cranny of my methodology. Should you choose this path and work your way through the entire course, you’ll be an expert on yourself and your needs. You’ll know which jobs in your life have had the best fit, which haven’t, and you’ll know how to find the right path for your future. You’ll be such an expert you could even guide your friends or colleagues through their own work fit journey. 

Some–in fact, most–don’t need to work so hard. For you I have just the solution. 

If you know that you’re ready to quit or are considering quitting your job or making a career change, then you should look at the Thinking of Quitting package. In this package I’ve bundled 10 of the core insights that are targeted around your long-term career fulfillment–but also at quitting with grace. Who wants to burn bridges, after all? You’ll step away from this package with the clarity and confidence you need to make the right change in your life. 

And finally, if you’re a bit more on the fence and are just looking to learn more about your current position–maybe you have a few bad days at work and you’re wondering what’s going on–then The Quick Assessment is just right. In this package I’ve distilled the most potent self-reflection exercises and self-awareness modules into a 2-hour deep dive on your working life. Take this module and in just two lunch breaks you’ll know way more about what’s working and what might not be. 

Whatever you choose, remember that all it takes is one foot in front of the other–soon enough you’ll be a long way from where you stand today. 


The Whole Lot

Become the expert.
Need a new career? Want to start a business? Make it all fit in with your life.
Get started for $98
Yes, you can love Mondays.
All 19 Core video lessons.
Monthly live Q & A w/Moe
4 Bonus Videos on Going Solo
Monthly webinar w/Moe
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The on-demand digital course that walks you through everything you need to know to leap out of your work rut and into a job that makes your wildest work dreams come true.

Thinking of Quitting?

Plan well.
Ideal for career workers who need a transition.
Get started for $98
Know what you need. Get it.
10 Core lessons.
24 exercises.
Impressive tools to increase self-awareness
Decide to quit or to dig in.
Try for free
Sometimes a career-change is what you need. This course will make sure that you get your ducks in a row before you leave–it will help you find the next thing and get there quickly and smoothly.

The Quick Assessment

Is work working for you?
Ideal for anyone looking to solidify or understand their job fit.

Get started for $29

Understand the pillars of job fit.
5 Core lessons.
10 powerful exercises.
Concrete steps to increase fulfillment.
Try for free
Why are you miserable at work? And what can you do about it? Find fulfillment quickly with this course.
love your job
What people say
Love Your Job offered me hope, inspiration, and practical tools for finding joy, meaning, and engagement at work


Founder and CEO
Love Your Job has helped me discover and bravely implement practical & reasonable steps to making my workplace more open, accepting, and compassionate.


Former VP, Legal Services


What if I buy the program and don't like it?

All of your payments are non-refundable. We did our part by doing the research, communicating it clearly, and assembling it into our best online course. Now it’s time for you to do your part. We won’t back out of our end, and don’t expect you will either. Show up. Say yes.

Can I pay in installments?

Absolutely! Every line of Love Your Job is payable in one lump sum or in three equal payments. The option to pay in installments will appear on the checkout page.