Ever wonder who is behind the scenes? This is us! 
Moe, Mei, Liz, & Cam!

When confronted with making pencil cans as a wee Camp Fire Girl (aka Blue Bird), Moe remembers saying, “Um, No” which resulted in disciplinary action. Since then she has often forged they provocative path.

From making apple butter, to studying literature; from serving as a wilderness guide with NOLS and Outward Bound to donning a suit and working inside corporate America,  Moe loves adventures of the body and the heart. After grad school studying organizational development, Moe traded out her fleece for shoulder pads and jumped into business when the cellular industry was ramping up. She still remembers clearly the joy of holding a phone the size of a bread loaf to talk to her Dad in Boston from a street in Seattle.

Moe cut her teeth as an internal consultant in high tech and health care, rediscovering her roots in adventure for the leading integrators of adventure and business, Project Adventure, Inc. After too many days on the road as a young Mama, she went off on her own to found Moementum, Inc. in 2001.

Moe has published two non-fiction business books focused on helping everyone thrive at work and probably will write another one or two. As a white, US-born, heterosexual woman, Moe strives to use her privilege with grace to surface assumptions that interfere with teams and to explore systemic patterns.

Her best role ever has been mother of three, each of whom, miraculously, have made it to adulthood despite her poor cooking and issues with time management.

Contact Moe directly: moe@moecarrick.com

Mei found the title “creative” hidden in her childhood among the Wind River Mountains. She traced out her love for creating connections on worn-out topographic maps and discovered a knack for problem-solving after frequently shooting her hand into the air to ask the hard questions. 

Some years later, and armed with a degree in Communication Design, Mei has worked with clients such as Pitch Engine, The Impact Investment Center, and NOLS. She has also won awards with the National Geographic and the Young Photographer’s Alliance and is often recognized for her courageous pursuit of insightful content creation, efficient team building, and social justice initiatives.

More recently, Mei spends her time working alongside Moe, where she passionately tackles topics such as leadership, fit, and D&i. When asked about her dreams in life, Mei might get a far-away look in her eye as she describes a world with equality, an unlimited travel budget, and great water pressure.

Contact Mei directly: mei@moecarrick.com

As someone with a plethora of experience, Liz Allore Shurmur epitomizes reliability, creativity, and energy. Originally from Michigan, Liz worked for 12 years as a middle school educator in a private school. Having also become a certified Triathlon Race Director, Liz and her husband owned many triathlon and adventure race companies allowing them to spend their summers outdoors with athletes of all levels. Liz knows how to interact with others in a way that elevates and values them.

To friends and family, Liz is known for her ability to excel at a wide variety of projects. While serving as an educator, she also worked with numerous non-profits in the Midwest. During her time with these organizations, Liz achieved impressive results such as starting a 40 and under fundraising group for the Neutral Zone and hosting the first-ever fundraising gala for Girls on the Run Southeast Michigan.

Contact Liz directly: liz@moecarrick.com

Cameron is a serial hobbyist. Guitar, knitting, carving, fine tea brewing, hiking, cycling, harvesting, baking--all these and more are featured in the panoply of Cameron's personal investments. Through them all, the most passionate and guiding question is about the natures of perception, power, and practice--forces that shape and have the potential to reshape peoples lives.

No hobby provided as much fodder for this curiosity than reading. At Quest University Canada, Cameron earned a Bachelor of Arts and Sciences degree of his own devising. Cam created his own major, blending fields as diverse as geology, philosophy, and science-fiction studies and performed original research about the imagination, using popular literature as his case studies.

Impassioned by Moe’s work to heal and nurture humans in their workplaces, Cam labors behind the scenes to grow Moe’s outreach. If you’ve ever experienced a 404 Error on Moe’s site, that is Cam’s doing. When he’s not “working,” Cam lives a rich and indulgent life. One of his greatest loves is connection. In particular Cam is committed to re-learning for himself and re-teaching other men to connect through vulnerability and authenticity, instead of so many other broken models.

He loves his cat. He loves the sun.

Contact Cam directly: cameron@moecarrick.com