The Leading People Program™️

Activate the Greatness of Your Team Without Being a Superhero

Your biggest assets walk out the door every evening.

It is your job to create the conditions that motivate them to return the following day.


Most organizations today continue to struggle to hire, retain, and engage their people.

Just look at the viral trend of “quiet quitting.”

Many workers agree they don’t need to go above the bare minimum at their job.

What happens to your team or company results if people bring a mere fraction of their actual talents to their job with you?


Why is this happening?

“I’m not going to work hard at a job that doesn’t care about me as a person.”

According to GallUp,

only 32% of employees in the U.S. are engaged, and 18% of workers are actively disengaged. 

This poor engagement and the viral outburst of evidence that supports it has been driven by the following trends:

  • lack of clarity about expectations at work
  • minimum or no opportunities to learn and grow
  • feeling uncared for
  • failing to connect to the organization’s mission or purpose
  • lack of attention to diversity, equity, and inclusion

Look at these reasons once more.

None of them have to do with pay, compensation, or promotion. These are simple, human needs for clarity, growth, purpose, and compassion.

Traditional organizational leadership fails to nurture People Leaders

Business, healthcare, education, non-profit and other leaders are taught technical and analytical skills such as how to measure profit and loss, conduct research, prepare spreadsheets, solve problems in their sector, evaluate markets, prepare reports and gather data.

This is what I call Performance Leadership, and those skills do matter.

But focusing on them alone is draining the life out of people, crippling our workforces.

Performance Leadership, in the short term at least, serves organizational and business interests by focusing on delivering results.

When Performance Leadership is a sole focus it comes with a high cost to employees and employers, including burnout, disengagement, quiet-quitting, job misery, and other toxic outcomes.

About our model, People Leadership

Our model shifts the status quo of Performance Leadership on its head.

Under the paradigm of People Leadership, it’s understood that when people have some of their basic human needs met from work they are able to show up and offer their talents, energy, skills, and engagement to the organization.

People Leaders understand that each and every one of their direct reports are unique human beings, deserving of their own unique attention.

As such, People Leaders are committed to developing the skill of their leadership in its own right.

In the same way that tech companies gather countless data about their Customer Journey or Experience, People Leaders gather similar data about the people that work for and with them.

People Leaders define and document their internal culture, ensuring that it is healthy and positive for everyone who works there.

People Leaders ask questions and are empathetic for how people experience work, and are empowered and motivated to change that experience for the better.


WHAT you’ll learn in The Leading People Program™️

  • The Seven Proven Needs people have from work (and the role People Leaders play in meeting those needs);
  • How to design great meetings so you can have less of them even while everyone feels connected and you get work done;
  • Why empathy can’t be faked (and how to get it right without having to become like a therapist);
  • The fact that the only way to build trust is by having tough conversations (we’ll also teach you a well-researched and effective model for talking about the hard things);
  • Why annual performance reviews are going the way of the dodo bird (and a slick alternative you can use right now);
  • What a culture of belonging really means (and how to create real inclusion starting with your identity).

Each core facet of effective People Leadership has to be considered through the unique filters of each leader and their specific company culture.

Moe Carrick in a power stance

The LPP helped me see that I have a leadership style that I can leverage to improve my leadership through the assessments and coaching we received. || The connections I made here will carry with me for a lifetime.

Catherine Healy

Creative Director, Flint Design

The landscape of work is changing right before our eyes.

–> People will no longer tolerate jobs that leave them constantly burned out and exhausted;

–> Well-being and life-balance have become more important than career progress;

–> Leaders consistently overestimate how employees are doing and how supported employees feel;

–> Employers and employees disagree on whether remote and flexible work arrangements are good for people and good for business;

–> Economic uncertainty looms.

Most organizations are not offering help to their People Leaders in these fast-changing and turbulent times.

The way we do things

isn’t for everyone.

​​​The Leading People Program™ is a unique solution for specific people and organizations.

  • Those who believe people are not machines…
  • Those who know their greatest asset is their people …
  • Those who see their role as building success and results for everyone .

We’re looking for people who are ready and willing to make the changes they want to see in their organizations.

This is why we ask every potential LPP participant to apply: to give both of us a chance to know that this is the right thing, right now.

If you want to hold seats for yourself and/or your leaders, please apply now (and ask them to apply.)

Unleash Leadership that Builds Cultures, Communities, and Confidence

Hands-on, actionable leadership

We know change doesn’t come easy.

Armchair conversations don’t get us anywhere, and learning leadership theories only go so far in actually helping people at work.

We’ll be the first to admit that we can sometimes nerd out about the why of it all–and we’ll certainly touch on some deep, enduring people leadership principles.

But our focus in The Leading People Program™️ is on applying specific tools and frameworks to you and/or the leaders in your company.


What’s inside

Our program is based around three core modules:

Leading for Connection

Leading for Connection means stopping being heroic all the time, becoming a self-awareness expert, and learning to control how you show up to serve specific people and situations.

Create People Centered Systems that Stick

Create People-centered Systems, like consistently meaningful 1:1’s, extraordinary meetings, and strong accountability practices.

Build a Team of Belonging & Resilience

Build a Team Culture of Belonging and Resilience by learning to foster and leverage a healthy culture, create real belonging, and lead in ways that develop long-term resilience.

Over 12 weeks, we provide curricular content to guide you in each module while providing peer- and expert-supported coaching and other opportunities to implement and practice what we teach.

12 weeks is a long commitment, but once it’s done, you’ll have several reliable and meaningful practices to support your people for the long haul.​​

On a day-to-day scale, the program looks like this:

*We expect attendance at least one touchpoint weekly but recommend all three.

Outside of our in-person time, there’s an expectation of 15-30 minutes per week of self-reflection and development activities.

Here’s what we know: those who attend the live sessions the most often walk away with the highest transformation. As such, we expect a minimum engagement of completing all of the private activities and no less than one in-person touchpoint every week

What are you willing to do to become an exceptional People Leader?


Why should I join a leadership cohort?

Let’s be real.

You could hire an expensive coach or consultant to come into your organization or team.

But why shell out the big bucks for someone else to become an expert in your situation when you and your people leaders actually must be the ones to activate the greatness lurking untapped in your team?

While I’m honored and amazed by the many, many clients I’ve had the privilege of supporting privately over the years, I can’t help but notice they really did all the work.

In the LPP, we effectively teach leaders how to become their own coach so they can revolutionize their teams and organizations from the inside out.

Will I get enough personal attention?

We purposefully cap the # of seats available at 30, so we can guarantee that everyone gets the personal attention they need.

When does the next program start?

Our first class in October 25 and ends the week of January 25th (we are off December 26-30)

What is the investment?

$6,500. Tuition can be paid in full or in three payments (with a small fee).  Send two or more people from your company and save 10% for each attendee.

What’s included?

The biggest benefit LPP participants experience is a transformation in their capacity to fully activate the greatness of their people without sacrificing their own well-being. This enables leaders to work less hard, achieve better results, increase their resilience, and more.

A few of the ways we get these results are:

  • In-depth leadership assessment and 1:1 interpretation.
  • Actionable resources focused on re-training how you show up for your team.
  • Weekly audio lessons—your own private podcast.
  • A 1-year Roadmap for People & Culture to keep learning all year.
  • Weekly facilitated group coaching calls with a community of like-minded leaders.
  • On-line learning platform with all homework, lessons, etc.
  • Special gift box curated to support your journey.

Am I too busy for The Leading People Program™️?

Truth bomb: If you’re asking yourself this question, something needs to change. Overwhelm is the direct precursor to burnout.

Equip yourself with better tools to manage your workload, delegate effectively, and activate the true greatness of your team. Today is the day to get started.

The Leading People Program™️ is an intentional sprint. Yes, I ask attendees to do more things on top of everything else they have going on. But only for 12 weeks. The Leading People Program™️ will end. And you’ll have new strategies to carve out and preserve your own time as well as a concrete plan for leading people so that they can use their creativity, discretion and judgment to solve their own problems.

What you say no to matters as much or even more than what you say yes to. And “no” is something we’ll practice in The Leading People Program™️.

What if I am not a group person?

Believe it or not, I am an introvert. My family often catches me running away from group events.

At the same time, I know in my bones that the gifts we get from others around us are instrumental to our own success.

I promise that the expert facilitation of our group events will not intimidate, cajole, or humiliate you in any way. And you’ll have plenty of time to work on you to improve your leadership outcomes.

We make the community safe and we keep it real.

How do I hold my spot?

If you’re looking at this page, it means applications are open. To apply, click here. If it looks like a good fit, we’ll invite you to join the cohort. Once we’ve received your $500 deposit payment, your spot is reserved.

We are able to take deposits on future dates–programs starting in February, 2023

Who would benefit from the LPP?

Anyone who is leading people in their role, from the bottom to the top.