Where We Stand Always

We believe that a bravespace workplace is one where people can show up as they are and do great things together. Bravespace workplaces activate, enliven, and support our complexity so that we can bring all of ourselves to work every day.

Everyone belongs. We believe that teams and companies do better when they are robustly diverse, across all dimensions. We know that just having a diverse mix of people in an organization is not enough. Each employee must feel included and seen at work. Everything we do considers the lens of equity to level the playing field. We acknowledge that systemic advantage exists, as does privilege, and it impacts our partnerships. We practice the dismantling of white supremacy in how we operate, internally and with clients. We will not be silent.

People are what make companies great. Workplaces that are fit for ALL human life are part of this story, and we are 100% for walking our talk and supporting you as you work to change from the inside out.

- Moe + the crew. 

- Listen first, to individuals and to the system.

- Notice and call out unexamined strengths as well as opportunities.

- Be a learning partner, probing with questions and provoking inquiry, offering solutions and ideas but knowing that there is rarely one right answer.

- Use structure to drive process when it helps.

- Tell what is true for us about what we see, think, and feel.

- Build understanding and shared commitment to the notion that the differences between people make up the richness of the organization’s capability.

- Provide ways to leverage and utilize differences with grace.

- Believe in the greatness of organizations and the people who work in them.

Organizations around the world are working to create an economy that thrives within planetary limits and enables all people to lead dignified, prosperous lives. Turning this mission into reality is the central challenge of the 21st century. Our fundamental goal is to help people lead with character and truth, in ways that benefit them, their organizations, their communities, and the world at large.