February 10, 2021 -

Who Benefits from Trained Leaders?

I have been a business owner and entrepreneur for 20 years.

I don’t really have a “boss.” 

My team sometimes reminds me of this fact. 

I’ll say, with mild complaint, “I have to work this weekend”.

To which they respond, tongue in cheek, “Ah, too bad your boss is such a hard ass.” 


But I do frequently think to myself, who is it I really am working for? 

Who do I serve? 

I work for the workers.

I work for the employees.

I work for the people that make companies and organizations great.

“But Moe!” you say. “How can this be, since your programs mostly support leaders and business owners?”

The single biggest lever for ensuring that the human beings in every workplace—large or small, for-profit or not-, publicly held or private—is the relationship people leaders have with their employees. 

I serve, support, coach, counsel, advise, and nurture people leaders so that they can ensure that the people who work for and with them can bring their full selves to work and do great things together.

I do what I do because I believe in my bones that we all deserve to thrive at work. We. All.

Popular opinion holds that leadership development benefits the leaders. True.

But to me, the growth and development of the leaders of an organization are really a side benefit. The real beneficiaries of leaders becoming better at leading are the people who work for them.

Through my work over the years, I’ve seen over and over again that as leaders become more effective, their employees change. The employees…

  • stick around longer.
  • tell the truth at work.
  • swiftly catch mistakes and learn from them.
  • feel seen and cared for at work.
  • understand the business’ vision and feel inspired to achieve excellence.
  • take healthy risks to innovate and create.
  • build trust with their teammates.
  • work through conflict effectively.
  • tell their neighbors and friends about their great company.
  • navigate radical changes at work with more ease and flexibility. #COVID19
  • ask hard questions that make the company’s results better.
  • have rich and vibrant lives outside of work.
  • sleep better and are sick less often.
  • and more!

Serving leaders far and wide helps make more workplaces that are actually fit for the lives of the very human beings who work in them. 

I spoke about this in my TEDx talk in Atlanta a few years back and my convictions about healthy and happy workplaces are more solid than ever.

In 2021, we are changing our business model to much more explicitly serve workers everywhere by doing what we do best: making the leaders that they work for better, braver, and more effective.

Workers, employees, staff, and team members, we’ve got you. Our work is designed to make your life more joyous, more engaging, and more fulfilling. 

We plan to do it this year one leader at a time with more access for more leaders to the goodness that is our approach. 

Stay tuned.


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